About Kaishin Educational and Cultural Consulting  
Established November 7th, 2000
Founder Manami Tanaka, Ed.D
CEO Manami Tanaka, Ed.D
Headquarter San Francisco, California, USA
Branch in Japan
Research & Investigation Division This division focuses on research and investigation of educational issues. We offer support to researchers who would like to research in the U.S. Please contact us for details
Cultural Consulting Division In order to understand different cultures and countries, we coordinate cultural exchange seminars and programs. We also coordinate cultural events to introduce Japanese culture. Please contact us for details.
Educational Consulting Division Kaishin Consulting has various information about the U.S. school system. We help Japanese families as well as Japanese overseas students in the U.S. to survive in a new culture and to graduate from schools.

We help create sister school programs and offer advising services after the students come to the U.S.

Our Japanese advisors in Japan support the foreign students and families living in Japan.

Please contact us for details.

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