Study Abroad Assistance
Counseling To confirm a clientfs needs, we do counseling first through e-mails, telephone interviews, and in-person interviews. After that, we will decide on the best plan for studying abroad, including in Japan.
School Search We make a list of the schools according to a clientfs needs with a region base, junior colleges base, and universities base.
School Application We act for a client and fill out the application for a school and receive I-20.
Visa Application We provide advice for gaining an F-1 visa for the U.S. and student's visa for Japan.
Adjustment Support Upon Arrival
Support Contents We offer 24-hour assistant support. We have a one-month plan, two-month plan, three-month plan, and six-month plan.

Cultural School
Class Contents Japanese class
Omotesenke Tea Ceremony
Ikuta Style Chikushi School Koto (Japanese music instrument)

Each class is a private or semi-private, small group lesson.

Please contact us to set up your lessons. We can set up your class based on your desired time and place.

Cultural Exchange
Program Contents We arrange programs to introduce Japanese culture to schools and communities and set up cultural exchange program events.

Japanese classes We will customize an original class suitable to your needs. Please contact us for details.
Pre-departure orientation We introduce Japanese culture and customs to your employees before moving to Japan.
Consulting We support your companyfs future growth and needs such as opening a branch in the U.S.
Visa Application We provide advice on gaining an F-1 visa for the U.S. and a studentfs visa for Japan.

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